ralph tells a story...

ralph tells a story is a very sweet book that was actually written by the woman who lived in my brooklyn apartment after we moved away! it's funny because abby and i met only once when she came to see the apartment but started emailing each other after i left brooklyn. she has two children who ended up going to the preschool my son attended, taught by a good friend of mine. she kindly kept us updated about the goings on around the neighborhood a bit (along with some juicy gossip:). i was surprised when i got an email about this book she had written, and curious, so i decided to order it. let me say it was a hit with my seven year old. abby has taught first grade in new york and understands how to appeal to this age. the story of ralph, a cute little boy who has trouble writing stories was obviously something sidney could relate to. children are naturally so imaginative but sometimes the idea of sitting down and writing a story can be daunting (for anyone, of any age). this book captures that feeling and helps children overcome their own fears about putting their stories into words. sidney loved it and had me read it many times until she could read/recite it herself. it inspired her to write some of her own stories and she liked that abby herself had to learn to draw in order to make this book happen. she was so cute talking about the book we made a little video just for fun.

* excuse the baby noises, because yes i am not only holding baby but nursing her while doing this. a mom's life.

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