on the wall...

i have very large, very tall walls (over 11 feet). it is hard to fill up so much wall space, especially when i have very little money to spend as well. i try to be creative. someday i imagine big beautiful paintings hanging on the walls (i have a lot of favorites picked out in case anyone wealthy out there wants to contribute to my art fund:) in the meantime i enjoy collecting what i can, new and vintage, and making other things to fill up my walls and make them feel loved.

1) my ever present nature display box, if you follow my blog you've probably seen this before.
2) some vintage art from etsy
3) vintage bird art in a pretty frame, a gift from my mom
4) a framed calender page from the month my husband and i were married, mounted on linen
5) more vintage bird art, found at kudzu... i was sad i couldn't afford the pair and hated to break them up:(
6) a favorite small painting done by an artist friend, sam cotterill
7) beloved gift from my talented sister this past christmas
8) a wall hanging i made out of vintage woven fabric
9) feathers from my yard mounted on pretty fabric
10) a small painting from another favorite artist, michelle armas, given to my husband for christmas
11) a beautiful vintage framed farmhouse picture from my mom for christmas

*speaking of my mom, i'm thinking of her today as she gets her second knee replaced. she is very brave and i hope that she will be up and around better than she has been in a long time very soon.

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Melissa Crowe said...

I love Sam--and her work.

Sending healing vibes for your mom!