the beauty of older children...

when i found out i was pregnant with my third baby I was a little nervous about the age difference between her and the two older children... 7 and 10 years. kyle and often discussed the fact that she would only be 8 when the oldest was ready for college. we had always enjoyed being younger parents when so many of our friends were older. we worried there wouldn't be the strong connection between the older two (who are so close) and the new baby. i really wasn't prepared then for how completely in love they are with her. their affection for her is on par with kyle's and mine for sure, and i would say is uniquely special. they love her so completely. they ooh and aww over her cuteness and cheer her accomplishments. they are always eager and willing to help. it has given them both, but jack henry especially, a wonderful chance to care for another person. he can show her affection in a way he can't with sidney. i've also been given a chance to see the two of them in a new way. of course every family has moments of frustration and annoyance with each other but I think they may even surpass us in their patience with her. she of course rewards them well in open mouth baby kisses and the sweetest laughter she reserves purely for them. it is pretty heart melting.


Melissa said...

This post made my heart melt! I have been following you for a while so it is so nice to hear how your kids have taken so lovingly to your new baby girl. I also have to say I really enjoyed the article about you. Hope to see some goats turn up on the blog soon! My neighbor next door and behind me has chickens and I think it is so fabulous to see how the kids react to them. I love your philosophy of teaching your children where their food comes from. Have you explored the Oakhurst Community Garden? They have great classes for kids.

I also have a question for you. While I am not looking to make lovely wool animals, I am looking for a consistent source of nice wool. Would you mind sharing where you have bought some of your wool? I live in the Atlanta area, and the only places I have found any around town is Gail K and JoAnns, but it is not exactly what I was looking for. I have a few projects on my list but cannot seem to find wool similar to that you use.


Cary Walker said...

hi melissa! thanks for your nice comment:) we have taken classes at the oakhurst garden! we used to live right down the street from there actually. we went to visit the chickens often before getting our own.

i have never found a local source for the sort of wool i use. when i lived in ny i would buy form purl soho sometimes. i often buy my wool from this shop on etsy:

it is felted wool fabric instead of wool felt so it is a little bit thinner and easier to sew with but still holds together well. good luck! let me know if you have any other questions.