scenes from the weekend...

this weekend was a challenge. the kids started their basketball season. this is the second year for my son but this year he plays on a bigger court. i knew it would be physically challenging, which is good but i wasn't prepared for the emotional challenges. it was a bit overwhelming and he was nervous. he had some very good moments but trouble focusing. he was sad at the end when everyone had to say something positive about someone's plays and he was left out. he says he was the only one. i don't know if that is true or not but it felt like that to him. small moments of heartbreak for a child and mom. i never played team sports as a child so it is a new world to navigate for me.

sunday i needed a break. i took a few hours away from all three children. this has only happened a few times in the last six months and was much needed. vintage shopping with my sister, and then to one of my favorite coffee spots/bakeries. one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon.

the older kids had a sleepover friday night with their aunt. kyle and i stayed home and watched a movie.. beasts of the southern wild. have you seen it? it was intense. it is the only oscar nominated movie i have yet to see! that is what happens when you have a baby. the last movie i saw at the theater was the night before tess was born. we saw moonrise kingdom and i was having contractions every five minutes and thought we would have to leave! i love going to the movies with my husband. we almost always choose that when we go out. we have some great moments of movie going associated with the various stages of our lives. i like that certain movies can recall such special times.

1) basketball season, playing on the big court now which is challenging physically and emotionally
2) exploring the world, at the library
3) a little free time for mama, vintage browsing. i'm looking for an armoire for my work supplies. i loved this one.
4) christmas lights and flowering trees share the yard
5) baby gave herself a fat lip, exploration is hard

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