a teeny tiny elephant...

a teeny tiny elephant that can fit in the palm of your hand! i've always wanted to make such a tiny one, and little miss tess has been gifting me with some long naps lately. i'm enjoying sewing again this summer. the kids are enjoying reading and playing and i get to sew. i like summer! except for mosquitoes. summer would be nearly perfect without those guys around. we took a nice little trip to the beach also and i will share photos soon. you can follow me on instagram, where i post daily but i do have some new things planned for this space. this week tess turns one.... eeep! how did that happen?!

look who's busy walking these days!

p.s. i'm sure you know by now but google reader has shut down. i'm using bloglovin' and it is was super easy to transfer all my favorite blogs over.

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Christian said...

what a cute baby :p

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